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Some customers may be seeing issues accessing the application and attempting to send campaigns, our engineering team are currently working on resolving this. We will continue to provide updates as soon as we have more information.


Customers are now able to login to their accounts and campaigns are sending. Our engineering team is continuing to work on this to ensure there are no continuation of issues. We'll continue to update the status page with information.


A fix has been implemented and we are verifying that everything is working as expected before resolving the status page. Customers should no longer experience problems accessing the application or sending campaigns though we are monitoring results.


The incident has now been resolved. Customers should no longer experience problems accessing the application or sending campaigns.

Web application Lists & subscribers

We're currently investigating reports that some customers are experiencing intermittent issues when importing subscribers into lists. As soon as we have any detailed information, we'll let you know.


We're still looking into the problem, it's not affecting all customers and those that are affected, the issue has been intermittent.

We'll update this post when we get more detailed information.


The engineers have isolated a potential issue and have pushed a fix and are currently monitoring the application. If you've experienced an issue uploading your subscribers, we would request you try again as the issue may have been fixed.


The incident has now been confirmed as resolved. Customers should no longer experience issues uploading subscribers.